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Van da ve Erciş’te meydana gelen ve çevre illerden de hissedilen deprem Richter ölçeğine göre 7.2 büyüklüğündeki depremin vurduğu yerleşim yerlerinden Erciş ilçe merkezinde ölü sayısı 74’ü, yaralı sayısı 280’ü buldu.

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Wired for sound.(INSIDE) see here best noise cancelling headphones

New Zealand Herald (Auckland, New Zealand) December 5, 2006 Byline: Peter Griffin Headphones and earbuds in particular have garnered a bad reputation of late. It seems too many iPod-wielding kids are playing their hip hop tracks too loud, threatening to damage their hearing permanently. It’s a major problem that all music listeners plugging into personal audio devices need to keep in mind.

Some music player makers, Apple included, are now putting adjustable volume limiters in their devices so you can’t accidentally blast yourself with sound. A good way to cut down on the volume of your music while still being able to hear every guitar strum and softly-sung vocal is to invest in some decent noise-cancelling headphones. If you’re serious about cancelling noise, you need to go for some “active” noise cancelling headphones that use sophisticated audio technology to block out the sound of aeroplane engines, t ra f fic noise and background chatter.

Lightweight active noise cancelling headphones that are also highly portable. The PXC headphones are powered by three AAA batteries and can be folded closed. Sennheiser’s NoiseGard technology does a good job at blocking out background interference. Every aspect of the headphones has Sennheiser’s trademark quality about it. PRICE: $257 The sporty design and around-the-back method of wearing them, gives these Sony headphones points for style. The G94NC aren’t as ef ficient at noise cancellation as their Bose and Sennheiser cousins, but they cost significantly less. Good for blocking moderate background noise and they have the added bonus of folding up neatly into the provided pouch.

PRICE: $90 Sure, they may cost more than your stereo itself, but there’s no compromise on audio quality with the superb QuietComfort 3 headphones. They actively cancel out background noise electronically by detecting the peripheral sound waves and inverting them so they don’t impinge on your listening. They’re compatible with most music players and mobile phones.

PRICE: $649 Cutting the cord between you and your music player requires you to use wireless radio technology to send the music to your headphones. These days, there are a number of good options for wireless headphones, with Bluetooth, infra-red and wireless radio models jockeying for position. Bluetooth is the favoured technology for portable headphones as the standard is compatible with many mobile phones. For home use, wireless radio is a strong contender. Go for headphones with decent battery power as the last thing you want to happen is to be left out and about with a pair of lifeless headphones.

They comfortably wrap around the back of your head and wirelessly receive audio transmitted from your music player using Bluetooth technology. A good signal can be maintained over 10 metres. Enjoy up to eight hours of music with one charge of the headphones which have simple controls built into them for adjusting volume remotely. web site best noise cancelling headphones

PRICE: $70 Ideal for watching TV or connecting wirelessly to your home theatre system. These Sennheiser radio frequency headphones deliver a signal over 100 metres, which is an impressive distance.

They’re powered by rechargeable batteries and you simply need to rest the headphones on their base station to start recharging.

PRICE: $280 WWW.ETOWN.CO.NZ Noise cancelling headphones may be too bulky to carry around, especially if you want some music as a background to your gym workout or run. Earbuds offer portability while still delivering decent sound quality. The earbuds that ship with music players are seldom up to scratch. Consider buying a more advanced pair to boost audio quality.

They’re white so won’t look out of place plugged into the iPod, and more comfortable. There’s inline volume control so you don’t have to go directly to the music player to adjust the volume level. Cable design ensures minimum tangling.

PRICE: $50 These earbuds fit snugly to deliver sound and passive noise cancellation. What sets them -apart from rivals is the ease with which the the LX-90 headphones are worn. The earbuds won’t fall out of your ears and connect via a lightweight cord that passes around the back of your neck.

PRICE: $90




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